Simply Quiet Lawn Care

The future is here, it is beautiful, and it is electric

Electric equipment means quiet

The future is here, it is beautiful, and it is electric!
This is our promise to you: no small-engines on your site.
You’ll never hear it revving and roaring outside your windows. Your neighbors will never come to hate the day your landscaping is scheduled. They may look over in shock at how clean your lawn looks, how quietly it happened, how they may never even notice we’ve arrived at all!

Electric equipment means quiet


Our mowers operate at about half the level of sound as the typical gas mower.
This protects your hearing, as well as the peace inside your house!


We bring precision and attention to detail to every site we visit.
You ever notice that gas-powered weed whackers are somehow just as loud as gas mowers?


Our electric air-blowers are more powerful than many gas-based blowers used by other companies.
Some of benefits of an electric leaf blower are weight, noise output, and exhaust fumes.

Manual & Etc.

If we don’t have an electric tool for the job, we’ll be using manual methods!
We use our gloved hands for many tasks. We have all the traditional tools, like: shovels, spades, rakes, hoes, picks, wheelbarrows, and so on.

Simply Quiet, Lawn Maintenance

A premium yard with sustained green is what we strive to give you. Cutting less from your lawn leads to a healthier lawn.
And so, we advise everyone to sign up for weekly service.
We only cut if needed. We will skip a cut if it’s unnecessary and we will NOT CHARGE YOU for that week.
Prices are estimates based on the average yard in Eugene.

By the cut

Weekly: $68 each service

Bi-weekly: $98 each service

By the month

Weekly: $245 

Bi-weekly: $176

Sustained Green, Clean & Safe Lawn Fertilization

What we spray is entirely kid-safe, pet-safe, and planet-safe. Just wait for it to dry and you’re good to go!
We use an organic formula which is specially adapted for our local soil and turfgrass. It does not leave a smell. It does not stain clothes after drying.
Prices are estimates based on the average yard in Eugene.

On-demand Applications


Growing Season Package (10% savings)

~8 applications: $648
Before After
Before After