taking care of a plant

Trees healthier than before

Pruning needs vary by plant, but the complexity of the job is highly variable depending upon the surrounding circumstances. All prices listed below are estimates only, meant to give you a guide about what you might expect. Please contact us to arrange an on-site visit so we can give you a more exact quote.
$ 250~525
  • Small trees (<20')
$ 390~720
  • Medium trees (20-30')
$ 500~1200
  • Large trees (30'+)

What we do?

We cut out dead, diseased, dying, and crossing branches. We reduce height from powerlines using fiberglass ladders so everyone is safe. We trim for clearance of vehicles and buildings.
We use a series of three cuts (notch, relief, and final cuts) on larger branches. This ensures there’s no stripped bark damaging the tree.
Overall, we’re only ever looking to remove 30% or less of a tree’s canopy when pruning; much less as the tree gets older. And the tree(s) come out the other side healthier than before!