Above and in-Ground Trampolines

Make memorable childhoods and provide exercise

Have Fun

Trampolines are fun! The jumpy-circle contraption is perhaps one of the best upgrades you can give your yard for just about anyone’s enjoyment! They make for memorable childhoods and provide exercise while granting fun! 
As an adult, particularly as the one responsible for the trampoline’s installation and people’s safety, you begin to see trampolines in a different light. Accessories start becoming mandatory, and you can see how the experience is improved by these additions.
Adding a net around the trampoline is the basic first step, but after this, what is there to do to increase safety?
When you hire us to install a trampoline for you, our price includes securing the trampoline directly into the earth.

The cost to install a trampoline varies depending on the circumstances at your site as well as what style you choose.

$ 800
BASIC (12′ diameter)
You can choose from all the standard sizes (8-15′). If you’d like to buy the trampoline and have it ready for us, just save the receipt and we can work out a reduction to your installation bill. 
Burying your trampoline so the jumping surface is level with the ground takes the whole experience to the next level of both safety and fanciness.

We cannot give you a quote without a site visit. Even then, excavation work is billed by the hour because we never know what we’re going to find down there. We will give you our very best and skilled and informed estimate of the total work, and we will likely be very close to the end result. But we just need to be sure you know there’s the possibility–as it has happened before–that we encounter a huge boulder which either triples the dig time or forces relocation of the dig site.