Private Swimming

A great way to enhance your landscape

Enchase landscape

Pools are a great way to enhance your landscape. First and most obviously: they add water to the landscape. This is often a difficult and uncommon feature for any site. Secondly, they give you, your family, your guests, a whole new set of activities that were otherwise out of reach beforehand.
Setting up these features is not like the kiddie pools in the front yard of yester-years. Large, above-ground pools for grown humans require careful setup to work properly. And they need careful preparation to perform really admirably and be truly worth the hassle of the whole thing.
Assuming your site is level, and you choose the least preparation possible, here are our basic installation prices by pool size:
$ 210
  • 10′ x 30″
$ 415
  • 13′ x 33″
$ 1230
  • 15′ x 48″
(the pools @ 15′ or larger use metal poles to support the sides. This drive up material costs and assembly time both)

Quality Improvements

We always try to let you choose what you want and, just as importantly, what you don’t want. We strive to offer the minimum services needed to deliver your project to our levels of high quality. If you’d like to take these a step further, then, at your request, we could…
We’ll remove the first few inches of turf and soil to give your pool a level bottom
Use a sod cutter and then lay a few inches of sand in this excavation to give the bottom of the pool a very smooth and level surface